The Home Buyer’s Program Orientation is YOUR introduction and informative session about the ins and outs of the Home Buyer’s Program, the home buying process, and what you can expect over the next couple months while you are in the program and working towards buying your new home.  This meeting/insight session is a very important step in you becoming a homeowner and is REQUIRED in order to participate in the program.

These appointments are held on Saturday mornings in our New Orleans office and Thursdays in the Baton Rouge office and last approximately 45 minutes. You should have been scheduled to attend an Orientation at the time of your initial enrollment into the program.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE HOMEBUYER’S PROGRAM AND ATTEND THE ORIENTATION/ENROLLMENT APPOINTMENT, YOU WILL NEED TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT.  You will need to pay the deposit if you have not done so already at your first appointment in order to reserve your seat.  The enrollment balance will be due when you arrive at the appointment.  You can use the links and buttons below to pay your deposit and/or balance if you wish to do so online.  yOnce you have paid your deposit, please return to this page/form to schedule your Orientation/Enrollment Appointment. 

IF YOU NEED TO SCHEDULE OR RESCHEDULE A HOME BUYER’S PROGRAM ORIENTATION/ENROLLMENT (SECOND) APPOINTMENT for either the New Orleans or Baton Rouge office, PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW. (Please remember that your enrollment deposit must be paid in order to reserve your seat.)

Click to Pay Enrollment Deposit Click to Pay Enrollment Balance


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