Did You Miss an Appointment?

If you recently missed an appointment, we understand and are happy to reschedule it.  It is important for you to understand that your appointments are carefully planned based on your game plan and  pre-approval timeline so missing an appointment could also affect an future appointment (which may have already been scheduled) and/or your overall timeline in the program. We CANNOT guarantee timeframes for rescheduling missed appointments.  

To Reschedule a Missed Program Appointment, please submit the form below. 

NOTE: Missed Appointments will be rescheduled in the order that we receive the request and may take up to 2 weeks from the date we receive the request.  Appointments are scheduled based on availability.  DO NOT USE this form if you need to reschedule a letter writing appointment. 

Program Members Only!

This form is used to reschedule one of the following appointments only: 

  • Game Plan
  • 30 Day Evaluation/Credit Building
  • Letter Response Eval.
  • 90 Day Evaluation
  • Status Update Evaluation
  • Pre-Approval

If you need to reschedule letter writing Click this link: ReSchedule Letter Writing