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 What are the steps to buying a home?  ……..New Home Buyer, Hope of Baton Rouge

The home buying process can be one of the most exciting and stressful experiences you’ll ever go through.  This is true whether you’ve bought many homes before or if it’s  going to be your first home purchase.  And, how do you go from dreaming of owning a home to actually holding your first set of keys? The Home Buyers Program is here to help.
First, empower yourself by getting as much grant money as possible earmarked for your home purchase to cover the closing costs that every home buyer will need in order to purchase a home. Next, you will need to get pre-qualified for a home mortgage loan.  Then along with a real estate professional begin the process of finding a home to purchase and get the property under contract.  Lastly, find a mortgage loan lender and specifically a professional mortgage loan originator to secure your mortgage loan in preparation to close.  These are the basic steps.
Now, the 100% Approved Home Buyers Program is designed to assist, support, and advocate for you through the home buying process.  This program is a “Loan Action” program in that it is more than just an education program.  Once enrolled your assigned case manager will create a game plan and credit assessment to get you pre-qualified for a home mortgage loan.  We also have real estate professionals which will advocate and help you to both locate and secure the property that you want.  In addition, we work with professional mortgage loan originators that will secure you the loan to purchase the property.  Lastly, through our non profit partner, we’ll get you the down payment and closing cost assistance that you’ll need to close on the property.
We have participants with all credit levels and all credit levels are accepted into the program so don’t let a negative or low credit profile stop you from achieving your dream of buying a home. 
In order to apply for the program and get grant assistance, you simply need to fill out the pre-qualification form on our website and schedule a Financial Analysis Appointment so that the non-profit can determine the amount of grant assistance we can provide you. The only qualification for grant assistance is to have a verifiable source of household income.  There is no cost, no credit requirements, and no repayment of the grant if awarded.  The appointment is roughly 15- 20 minutes.  The appointment is a determination of the amount of grant assistance that can be awarded to you as well as an introduction and offer to join the Home Buyers Program.  These appointments are scheduled Tuesday -Thursday and also on Saturday.  For More information, visit our website at
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