Are You Tired of Renting? Do You Dream about being a Home Owner? WE CAN HELP.

The Nu Leaf New Orleans, 100% Approved Home Buyers Program is a FULL SERVICE home buyer’s education and loan readiness program designed to guide individuals and family’s through the home buying process from start to finish.

First, we get you Pre-Qualified, then we help you to both locate and secure the property that you want, and finally, we’ll get you the down payment and closing cost assistance that you’ll need to close.

Are You Worried about Your Credit? Do You Have Credit Issues? WE CAN HELP.

Our certified professional experts work with you to eliminate, improve, and manage financial hurdles while working hard to pinpoint a loan product that’s right for you.

Need Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance? WE CAN HELP.
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Our non-profit partners award individuals and families up to $20,000* in no re-payment grant assistance to qualified buyers for down payment and closing costs. 

*Awards amount vary based on income and home purchase price and are not guaranteed. 

At Nu Leaf, We’re Passionate about Home Ownership!

We’re also passionate about people. The Home Buyers Program achieves so that hardworking families and individuals, just like YOU, can successfully navigate the home buying process and realize the dream of owning a home. 


Are you ready to turn YOUR Dream into a Reality?

Apply for Grant Assistance

Apply for Grant Assistance (Baton Rouge)

Re-Schedule Award Determination (1st) Appointment

Re-Schedule Award Determination (1st) Appointment(Baton Rouge)

All Enrolled HB Participants MUST attend a Program Orientation Appointment.  Click Below to Schedule or ReSchedule.

ReSchedule or Schedule the ORIENTATION (2nd) Appointment


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